A downloadable pile of trash

This is it. The best FPS you've ever played. You're so hyped. You have the season pass, the DLC skins, all of the previous games. Your battlestation is stocked with Mountain Dew, Doritos, and all the other delicious carcinogens you need in order to click on heads.

You're ready.

Then some f@&*# comes along and steals your gun.

Determined to find the $*&%-nugget who did this, you'll stop at nothing- nothing- save for a power or internet outage, or perhaps an excess of homework- to get back your gun, and reclaim the satisfying head-clicking action you know and love.

Fortunately, whomever did it left a note; unfortunately, getting back your gun means playing games outside of your preferred genre.

G.UNABLE (/g^n'eɪbəl/ guhn - AY - buhl) is the debut 2D top-down stealth game by RocketBird Productions, where you embark on a quest to get back your gun and return to the brutal, bullet-filled haze of war and glory you've never even played but known all your life: the FPS (first person shooter).

You'll dodge cameras, pickpocket guards, strategize your entrances and exits, and not-get-shot as you try your damndest to steal back your gun, piece by piece, from the (surely, pure evil?) person who stole it. But don't get caught, or you'll be shot. Because, you know. You don't have a gun.

In fact, to win, you'll need almost to not be there at all...

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